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Superdrug parent company AS Watson pledges 2030 sustainability plan

Tom Shearsmith
17 March 2021

A.S. Watson Group, and its 13 global retail and manufacturing brands including Superdrug, Savers and The Perfume Shop, has launched its goals for sustainability by 2030.

The group's social and environmental sustainability goals can be broken down into four categories:

  • Energy: Achieve electricity intensity reduction by 30% against 2015 baseline by 2030.
  • Greenhouse Gas: Reduce GHG emissions by 40% from 2015 baseline by 2030.
  • Plastic: Eliminating unnecessary packaging by 2030, avoiding over-packaging and phase out PVC, 20% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging by 2025.
  • Community: Restoring 10,000 perfect smiles by providing life-changing free surgeries to kids with cleft lips and palates by 2030.

The company has not specifically broken down its plan regarding how it aims to achieve each goal but will provide further context at a later time.

Malina Ngai, Group COO of A.S. Watson Group & CEO of A.S. Watson, said: “As the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, we have a strong sense of responsibility to create a better world through our global operations.

"Our social purpose, 'to put a smile on our customers’ faces', is a core value to our business and deeply rooted in our heritage, from giving free medicines to the needy in the early days, to protecting people’s health against COVID-19 by producing medical masks and supporting vaccination programmes.

“We serve over 5.9 billion customers every year around the world and we are thankful to have a powerful community to do good together, to help build a better and more sustainable world.”

In the UK, during Government imposed lockdowns Superdrug kept nearly 70% of its stores remained open, selling essential pharmacy and skincare items. The company confirmed that footfall decreased by up to 75%, "placing significant pressure on the company’s cash flow and profitability.”

Superdrug confirmed it has remained in a "robust" financial position as it implemented major cost control actions.

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