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Sustainable skincare label Haeckels launches Grown to Order gift sets

Jeremy Lim
23 November 2021

Sustainable skincare label Haeckels has expanded its grown to order range for its Christmas gift sets, as it aims to support zero waste amid the festive shopping season.

Housed in fully compostable packaging, the gift sets come in five selections, the "Bacili", "Flora", "Cutaneous", "Biota", and "Epidermis", each taking its name from the trillions of microbiota that can be found on the skin.

Each of the kits includes an assortment of Haeckels products including the Margate-based label's first grown to order product, the Bio Restore Membrane, as well as its classic body cleanser, exfoliating seaweed block and incense. 

In order to be zero waste, Haeckels are also growing the mycelium packaging to order and has committed to guaranteed Christmas delivery for all orders placed online.

The label worked with artist Dasha Plesen to explore the relationship between the microbiome on the skin. Plesen took swabs from the body, before growing the microorganisms in Petri dishes. Imagery of these dishes are then printed onto seaweed paper to create the gift set packaging.

Haeckels are also re-introducing "Barter Days" to their stores in reaction to Black Friday this week, offering customers the chance to exchange something for a product instead of paying at the till. The barter trade could include a share on social media, passing on a good deed for the day, sounds baths and other products.

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