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The Inkey List spotlights acne-fighting skincare solutions with new campaign

Sophie Smith
18 March 2024

Since its launch in 2018, The Inkey List has been clear on its mission: to spread the knowledge of beauty and help consumers better understand their skin and find the right solutions for their needs.

Having helped over six million consumers on their skincare journeys to date, the brand has revealed that acne and breakouts are by far the most common skincare concerns it has addressed since its launch.

However, 69% of people are still confused about their acne and lack personal solutions to treat their skin. To tackle this, The Inkey List has pledged to "improve the skin and lives of every individual with acne".

Aiming to "pop the lid" on skin concerns, like acne, the brand has committed to having conversations, opening up, and putting the topics people don't talk about front and centre, which is supported by its latest campaign.

The Inkey List

Focusing on real skin stories, the 'Acne Happens' campaign is being brought to life through a content series of personal storytelling moments, education and advice.

As part of this, the campaign is sharing Co-founder Colette Laxton's own experience with this common skincare concern.

At 14-years-old, Laxton suffered with acne and spent most of her teenage years and early twenties wearing a baseball cap to try and hide her breakouts. During this time, she said there wasn't enough clear education or knowledge about acne, and the right products to help treat it just didn't exist.

"For me, acne is a journey that never ends. It is with me mentally always, and although I am so lucky to have clear skin 99% of the time now and have a skincare routine which is healthy and clearing, the panic of the next breakout is always with me," said Laxton.

The Inkey List

Colette Laxton, Co-founder of The Inkey List

"I wish I had had access to the education and products available today, to find a healthy way to manage my skin. Acne really does happen, it happened to me, and it's one of the most confidence damaging and personal body issues.

"Managing you and your skin is critical; finding your triggers and educating yourself to understand you and your body is your way to feeling that bit more in control and confident - and at 37 I am finally there.

"We understand that acne is so important to our community and that's why to many we're much more than just The Inket List, we're The Acne List."

By delivering knowledge, support and solutions with a "personal touch", The Inkey List hopes the campaign will "empower every individual to better understand and own their personal acne journey and achieve their clear skin goals".

The brand's dedicated range of acne skincare products have been specially formulated to address the exact needs of acne-prone skin. Its bestsellers include a Salicylic Acid Cleanser, selling 1 every 35 seconds; Succinic Acid Treatment, selling 1 every 90 seconds; Niacinamide Serum, selling 1 every 45 seconds; and Omega Water Cream, selling 1 every 45 seconds.

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