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The Inkey List unveils new AI analysis tool for more personalised acne advice

Sophie Smith
08 April 2024

The Inkey List has launched a new AI-powered service to offer hyper-personalised analysis for acne-prone skin, strengthening its commitment to helping customers find the right solutions for their needs.

The Acne Analyzer Pro provides real-time facial analysis and accurate visual mapping to assess skin type, acne type and current condition.

By working closely with skin expert Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa, The Inkey List has shaped and built the experience to closely replicate visiting a dermatologist and/or GP.

It uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence to detect acne activity levels together with medical expert approved skin indicators to identify potential root causes and triggers.

During the skin analysis, the platform also accesses a powerful, live back-end matrix to build personalised routine recommendations based on an individual’s skin requirements. This matrix is said to be the first to exist in this capacity for beauty.

There are no pre-set routines anywhere in the service, so every user's output will be unique to their personal skin needs.

Users can also access the brand's askINKEY service, whereby a team of expert skin advisors can offer ongoing, personal support to help consumers with their acne journey.

Mark Curry, Co-founder The Inkey List, said: "Built from uniquely trained AI with our data set of over six million Inkey customer recipes, the Acne Analzyer Pro is game-changing technology that offers personal, 1:1 support to every individual experiencing acne.

"Because acne is such a nuanced, extensive skin condition when it came to building the Acne Analyzer Pro, we knew that basic skin scanning technology wasn’t going to be enough.

"By combining future AI tech with human-led dermatologist input and ongoing human-to-human support via askINKEY, the tool provides a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of what’s happening with the skin so we can best advise how to treat it."

The launch follows The Inkey List's latest campaign, Acne Happens, which has been brought to life through a content series of personal storytelling moments, education and advice.

As part of this, the brand has been sharing Co-founder Colette Laxton's own experience with this common skincare concern.

By delivering knowledge, support and solutions with a "personal touch", The Inkey List hopes the campaign and new tool will "empower every individual to better understand and own their personal acne journey and achieve their clear skin goals".

Available anytime, anywhere, the Acne Analyzer Pro can be accessed via any mobile and/or desktop with a built-in camera.

The Inkey List's dedicated range of acne skincare products have been specially formulated to address the exact needs of acne-prone skin. Its bestsellers include a Salicylic Acid Cleanser, selling 1 every 35 seconds; Succinic Acid Treatment, selling 1 every 90 seconds; Niacinamide Serum, selling 1 every 45 seconds; and Omega Water Cream, selling 1 every 45 seconds.

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