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The Interview: Dr Adil Sarwar, founder, Skin Science Clinic

Tom Bottomley
06 November 2020

The Skin Science Clinic was founded in 2018 in Knightsbridge, but moved to new 1,000 sq ft premises over two floors at 65 Connaught Street in London’s Connaught Village - Hyde Park Estate's luxury retail quarter - in July this year.

Owner Dr. Adil Sarwar, formerly of the globally acclaimed Harley Street Skin Clinic, realised that his clients were seeking further treatments, in particular laser hair removal and facials, requiring more space and rooms, which prompted the move to larger premises, despite the coronavirus crisis. Taking skin and beauty treatments to another level, Sarwar gives an insight into his growing business

What is the real draw of the Skin Science Clinic for your clients?

We only use the latest scientific and technological research to create the perfect customised skin regimes, which have very natural results for all of our clients. We also stock a range of scientifically proven products on the ground floor. We have a tremendous degree of experience in the art and science of achieving outstanding, refreshing, natural results.

What sort of products do you sell?

The store stocks two of the most widely respected cosmeceutical brands - ZO and Skinceuticals, as the majority of their individual products have scientific studies validating and supporting their benefits of being anti-ageing, collagen producing and skin nourishing. Our best seller is ZO’s "growth factor serum". It’s a medical grade product which is clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, to plump the skin and improve elasticity. Our clients love its velvety texture. They apply it at night to wake up with hydrated and glowing skin. Another popular product is ZO’s "enzymatic peel", which contains papain and bromelain enzymes, as well as glycolic acid, which gently exfoliate the skin - removing dead skin cells and leaving a natural glow. Used once or twice a week at night, enzymatic peel can be used as an at-home mini peel, ideal before an event. Another effective skin product is a low dose of retinol.

ZO Growth Factor

What treatments do you provide?

We provide pampering Skinceutical Medi-Facials and our most potent and thorough facial is the six-step machine driven facial - the Hydrafacial. We also do ‘baby botox’ injections. Under the correct hands, anti-wrinkle injections are extremely safe. Complication rates are extremely low and we provide full 24/7 support to our clients so they always have someone to talk to if they have any concerns. We do not necessarily have a target market, as these treatments are accessible for clients from all walks of life, age and ethnicity. Prices range from £230-£399, and clients will attend three to four times a year for the sessions.  There are no repercussions whatsoever, as they have been authenticated by multiple independent scientific studies.


Why was Connaught Village your chosen new destination?

Connaught Village is an area which I personally grew up in, and I love the neighbourhood and building architecture. Our team provide the most luxurious treatment experience within our store, which was renovated by top tier architects and interior designers. I just felt it was the perfect location for a skin boutique/clinic. It has excellent transport links and Connaught Village has an array of unique stores and restaurants, which I felt Skin Science Clinic would fit neatly into. The store is located in a slightly more discrete area of the street, providing a more confidential and relaxed experience, which many of our customers appreciate.

How has your business been impacted by the coronavirus crisis?

We followed strict government guidelines and were closed during the appropriate period during the peak of COVID-19. It was actually an excellent period of reflection as to how we could further improve the clinic for our clients once we re-opened. We did not receive any government grant, as we missed the supposed date of qualification by five days. I felt this was extremely unfair and will be discussing this with Westminster in due course. We did, however, receive help from out landlord, which was much appreciated. We have such a vast number of clients in our database that demand was so high that we had to open as soon as it was safe to do so. I did not want to let my clients down, so re-opening was not such an issue or a difficult decision to make.

What marks Skin Science out from its competitors? 

We as a company obsess over outstanding customer experience at reasonable prices. We invest in the most premium products and machines in the industry. Our injectable products are sourced directly from official manufacturers, and we have invested in the most superior laser hair removal and facial machines. For example, our laser hair removal platform, the Soprano Titanium is a far superior machine than anything else available on the market. We only administer the most premium cosmeceutical products and injectable treatments. When you arrive at the clinic, you are shown to one of our two beautiful reception spaces. You can relax with a drink of choice from our drinks menu, while the receptionist helps you with any of your pre-procedure requirements.

What are your qualifications?

I graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine over 10 years ago, and I have been doing botox injections for seven years now. I am also a fully qualified GP, but my GP work is now minimal as Skin Science Clinic keeps me very busy. I have never focused on industry awards or recognition, my core focus is patient satisfaction. My greatest achievement is establishing a database of thousands of happy and satisfied clients.

Do you have any famous clients?

We have welcomed many actors and actresses to our clinic, but due to confidentiality we cannot mention names. We have a number of clients who have built some of the biggest businesses in the world, many of whom are in the global Forbes rich list. However, we truly treat every client the same, regardless of how famous they may be or how much money they spend with us.

How do you see the future of the beauty industry going?

I believe people will benefit from an increased choice in the number of clinics and practitioners. We love this prospect, as it continually pushes us to deliver a superior customer experience.

What will be the next big thing in beauty and skin treatments?

I do not really jump onto "the next big thing", as often these treatments in the EU have poor scientific data to validate their claims. We are a scientific clinic, and stick to safe, effective treatments which scientists globally can vouch for. We as a clinic have been experiencing a surge in demand for effective facials, which we have tailor made for specific concerns.

Do you suggest other treatments to them when they come in for something completely different?

It is important to take a holistic viewpoint when discussing treatments, however we are not in the business to dent people’s confidence. I do not point out "flaws" which the client may not have seen, as we are here to meet expectations and like our clients to leave our clinic feeling happy, confident and satisfied.

What plans do you have to build your business up for the rest of the year and in 2021?

We will continue to focus on consumer experience, encouraging our clients to focus on the health of their skin just as much as injectable and volumising treatments, and we are also aiming to expand the laser hair removal aspect of the business. In 2021, I am confident we will be branching to other areas of the UK to allow clients across the country the ability to experience the very best treatments available.


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