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The Interview: how dentist Dr Tara Lalvani simplified beauty routines with Beautifect

Kelle Salle
13 April 2023

Beautifect was launched in 2020 by dentist-turned-entrepreneur Dr Tara Lalvani. The brand’s mission is to simplify daily beauty routines.

After graduating from a prestigious dental institution and spending a decade practising dentistry in London, Founder and CEO Lalvani realised that beauty was her passion. “I’d always been a huge beauty enthusiast but because of the time I’d spent practising dentistry, I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else,” she says.

Lalvani’s experience as a dentist heavily influenced the creative process behind Beautifect. In the early stages of the brand’s journey, a friend of hers noticed the similarities between the Beautifect Box and a dental tray. She realised that her profession had subconsciously guided her to create something that was practical and beautiful. “The intersection of my passions has allowed me to create a product that not only simplifies people’s lives but also makes them feel confident,” she says. 

The inspiration behind the launch of the brand came from an experience Lalvani had when she was trying to do her make-up. She yearned for a product that would make it easier for her to apply her make-up on the go and that was when she envisioned something akin to what the Beautifect Box is today.


The Beautifect Nude box

“The idea came to me when I was on a plane to Dubai. I searched for the product online but it didn’t exist. I found it baffling that beauty consumers were still restricted to a set location for applying make-up. When I initially had the idea for Beautifect, I wasn’t seeking to start a business. I was genuinely looking for a solution to a problem that I, and many others, faced on a daily basis. The fact that I could create a product that simplified people’s lives and brought joy to their daily routines was an added bonus,” Lalvani says. 

According to Lalvani, launching Beautifect was a huge undertaking and she knew she needed to take the necessary steps to ensure that the brand’s product offerings were of the highest quality before putting them on the market. “I spent two years with the design and manufacturing company refining the design and then testing each prototype with a small group of potential customers to ensure that it met their needs and that it was something they would actually use and enjoy,” she says.


The precision tweezer and 5x magnifying mirror included in the box

As well as perfecting the product, Lalvani conducted extensive market research to determine if there was demand. She also sought out advice and mentorship from other entrepreneurs, which allowed her to get a better understanding of what it takes to launch and run a successful business and helped her identify any potential pitfalls and challenges before they became major issues. “Taking these steps ensured I was prepared when launching Beautifect. I didn’t want Beautifect to be just another beauty product. I wanted the product to make a difference in the lives of its users,” she says.

When Beautifect first launched, the brand was targeting women who had a passion for luxury beauty and designer brands. By solely focusing on this niche of consumers, it found a dedicated audience who instantly adored the brand. “We were overwhelmed by the immediate response from consumers. We pride ourselves first and foremost on excellent customer service so we were able to build a relationship with our first customers and gauge all of their positive feedback. It became evident that a lot of women had faced the same problem with their daily routine. The Beautifect Box was the perfect solution for their problems,” Lalvani says.

Beautifect Tara Lalvani

The best-selling pod and blender

Beautifect’s bestsellers are The Beautifect Box and The Beautifect Pod & Blender, both of which are available at Harrods. “I believe they’re popular with consumers because of the premium quality and how innovative they are. There is no other portable vanity case on the market with industry-led lighting. The brand is filing a gap in the market. Women spend so much money on makeup and blenders, so it’s hard to believe that there was a time when they couldn’t house their products in a place that’s aesthetically beautiful, hygienic and ready to use,” Lalvani says.

The brand’s latest launch is the Black Beautifect Box. It’s a limited edition box which was made after increasing demand from fans, global makeup artists and celebrities. Beautifect is making beauty effective for all by redefining their everyday tools and bringing the best version of those products to the market. “The brand’s luxury go-to tools outperform others on the market and because of this, we market our products as the best in class and as a great investment. We want beauty loving consumers to buy our products so that they don’t have to waste their money replacing their beauty tools so frequently,” Lalvani says.

The new black box

Beautifect adds value to consumers’ experiences by giving them only the best beauty tools they need to be the most confident version of themselves. “Beauty comes from the inside and not just the outside. I don’t think beauty should be over complicated. With Beautifect, everything we have done has been with the sole purpose of streamlining beauty routines.

The brand has remained committed to providing consumers with high quality products by only introducing a product to the market when it’s simply the best. “Every detail and every possible way of using the product is tried and tested to the tenth degree until we are truly satisfied and happy. If there’s one small detail that could impact the product’s performance, it won’t be launched,” Lalvani says.

Lalvani’s passion for all things beauty is clear to see. She believes that transparency will continue to dominate the beauty space in the years to come. “Consumers are more aware than ever of what they are putting on their skin. Clean beauty has become so important, so consumers will want more transparency when it comes to ingredients and how products have been manufactured,” she says.


The nude and white boxes in a tote

Lalvani identified a gap in the market after reaching a point of frustration with the poor lighting options that were available to people who wanted to do their makeup on the go. One of the reasons why Beautifect continues to be successful is because there isn’t a product on the market like it. “My advice for any budding entrepreneurs is to have something different,” she says. “The market is oversaturated and you can’t be just another brand making products. Stand out in some way. You are in competition with local brands and global brands who are all fighting for the same customers.”

So what’s next for Beautifect? Lalvani tells us that they might launch some more make-up tools in the near future. “My mission from the very beginning has been to be a trusted and reliable source for creating products that truly deliver. We are getting lots of requests from customers who want us to make more products such as tweezers (which we launched) and eyelash curlers. There are a few things in development, so watch this space,” she says.

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