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The Interview: Isabel Greiner, co-founder Intuisse, on building a brand based on science and sustainability

Kelle Salle
11 May 2023

Isabel Greiner is the co-founder and CEO of Intuisse, a scientifically-proven, sustainably-sourced premium skincare range from Switzerland. The range, which launched in 2022, utilises a ground-breaking liposomal formulation of pharmagrade Active NAD+ to activate the skin’s own collagen, helping skin to stay younger and healthier for longer.

Griener co-founded the science-led skin health company after recognising a clear shift in skincare from traditional luxury towards prevention, following advances in the area of functional medicine and a better understanding of the hallmarks of ageing. She deems the brand to be the perfect trifecta - clean, highly effective and eco-conscious - as its formulas bio-activate the body’s own production of proteins that make skin cells strong and resilient.

Born in Germany and raised in New York City, Greiner started her beauty career at Estée Lauder and Avon. Although she dabbled in other industries, beauty was always her passion. “Intuisse has been a true labour of love throughout the past three and a half years. Through Covid and various stops and starts, we have prevailed with a beautiful brand, which the team and I are very proud of,” she says.

Greiner’s mission was to create a truly modern skincare brand that beyond being clean and scientifically proven by clinical trials went further, not only in terms of efficacy and leveraging new findings in the field of longevity science, but also in terms of transparency. Greiner wanted to create something that would demonstrate the effects of their proprietary liposomal formulation on cell senescence, permeability and production of collagen and elastin via advanced experiments conducted by the University of Zurich and Laboratoire Bio-FC.


Active NAD+ Eye Masks

A lot of beauty brands are either clean or science-led, eco-conscious or not, transparent or complex. Greiner wanted to give the consumer the best of all worlds - efficacy, natural ingredients, transparency, sustainability, true complex innovation, advanced scientific proof, sumptuous texture and immediate results – all in one brand. To ensure Intuisse was ready for launch, Greiner had a very robust pipeline of products and the right partners to ensure both quality and ability were to scale.

When the brand launched, it was targeting men and women interested in preventing the telltale signs of ageing. “So far the response has been very positive, especially in regards to the textures, the way the products feel on skin and the results they deliver. We’ve also received positive feedback on our unique packaging,” Greiner says. Intuisse’s two bestsellers are their hero products – the Active NAD+ Face Serum and the Active NAD+ Eye Masks. The face serum is lightweight in texture and gently absorbs into the skin, increasing skin radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines. In addition to the brand’s groundbreaking liposomal formulation, the serum also contains pomegranate enzymes, marine plankton, natural fruit extract and meadowfoam seed oil. “The face mask can also be easily combined with other products if you want the benefits of NAD+ but don’t want to overhaul your entire skincare regimen,” Greiner says.


Active NAD+ Face Serum

The eye masks are fragrance free and contain a 92% collagen concentration. The brand’s pharma grade Active NAD+ liposomal formulation (for which a patent is pending) penetrates the skin to improve skin tone, elasticity and skin firmness. The masks also contain radish root, a potent peptide that intensely hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. In just 15 minutes, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin tone and texture is improved and skin is smoother and brighter. “The eye masks are a great entry price point into the brand - they combat puffiness and are the perfect gift as we head into the warmer months. They’re also best when refrigerated,” Greiner says.

Intuisse’s latest launch is the Active NAD+ Eye Serum. “It’s one of my favourites. The combination of a soft gel, natural pearlescence and four hyaluronic acids make this my go-to eye product to instantly combat dark circles and puffiness, lift the eyelid, and as a base for eye makeup,” Greiner says. The brand is making science accessible to all via beauty. The benefits of NAD+ have principally been relegated to IV drips, which usually require multiple sessions upwards of £500. “Consumers who are looking for a beauty routine that doesn’t break the bank can treat themselves to a weekly eye mask for £15 or pair the Essential Cream with a less pricey moisturiser and use it as an overnight mask three times a week,” Greiner says.

The Essential Cream

The brand is adding value to the consumer experience with transparency on research findings, product stability, ingredient sourcing and discounts on refills and subscriptions. They also offer eco-friendly packaging. “Everything we do puts the consumer first. My mantra is to treat every customer as I would want to be treated. That’s a pretty straightforward formula,” Greiner says. Intuisse are committed to clean ingredients. All of their formulations are of 95% or higher natural origin. They also source all of their NAD+ from a pharmaceutical supplier in Germany to ensure consistent quality.

Greiner believes that science will continue to have an impact on the beauty industry. “Brand creators, scientists and consumers will look to anti-ageing solutions in our bodies, advanced by a profound understanding of the causes of ageing based on its classification as a disease, rather than an inevitability,” she says. If Greiner could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to get into the beauty industry, it would be ‘don’t cut corners and always put the consumer first.’ “Creating a brand from the ground up is a long-term commitment.” Intuisse are planning to launch their very own Intuisse NAD+ spa, with a holistic focus on luxury and longevity. For more information about the brand, please visit their website.

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