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The Interview: Jamie Sue Sherrill, Founder and Celebrity Skin Expert, Nurse Jamie

Sadiyah Ismailjee
27 July 2020

Jamie Sherrill (Nurse Jamie) was one of the first beauty innovators to launch a range of now commonplace facial massagers, but she has also amassed an impressive roster of high profile celebrity clientele including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Huda Kattan and Jessica Alba.

Facial rolling and massaging has become increasingly popular within the beauty industry in recent years, for its capacity to help refine and contour bone structure, accelerate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. While there may be a wide range of facial rollers available on the market today, Nurse Jamie was most certainly one of the pioneering figures in this beauty trend that undoubtedly helped bring the once exclusively in-office technique to beauty enthusiasts across the word.

Registered nurse and celebrity skincare adviser Nurse Jamie tells’s The Beauty Edit about how her Beauty Park Medical Spa business in Santa Monica expanded into a luxury skincare product line.

Could you tell us how your journey into the skincare market started?

Long journey from working front desk for a group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

What inspired you to launch Nurse Jamie?

I built a best-in-class spa and skin care company. I believed the services and products were missing in the marketplace.

How would you describe the Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions line?

Nurse Jamie products have all been produced at our world-famous spa for our celebrity clientele which is one way we are different from other luxury skincare lines- Nurse Jamie beauty tools and products are known to provide red carpet results. Nurse Jamie products also differ in that they are extremely user friendly.

What unique qualities does your line bring to the UK beauty industry?

Well I have a very special place in my heart For the UK and need to give credit to Harrods of London for being my VERY first retail outlet.  I had many celebrity clients but I was just starting out with my own brand and I am forever grateful to Harrods forgiving me a chance.

In terms of what Nurse Jamie brings to the UK market, the brand's beauty tools and products are known to provide red carpet results & are easy to use.

What sets you apart from other skincare tool brands?

Similar to your gym routine, the consistent use of an at-home gadget or beauty tool makes all the difference. You can have the best ingredients (in a product) in the world, but the skin is the largest organ of the body and its main function is to protect so you can apply cream until you are blue in the face, but for maximum performance of your skincare using a beauty tool will help increase product absorption and get optimal results. The best kind of tool is the one you actually use.

How do you come up with ideas for new products?

I’m always working on something &  I experience everything first hand - I can always tell my patients exactly how something feels as I have experienced it myself on some level - I am my own alpha-test site.

You are a renowned celebrity skincare expert and the co-owner of the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica. How have you made your luxury skincare line products affordable?

I pride myself on designing user friendly/results driven beauty tools that are also affordable.

Nurse Jamie Body Uplift tool

Regular facials are known for benefiting the skin. How do your tourmaline rollers make it extra effective?

The UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller is an innovative beauty tool for the face and body. The unique hexagon shape and the strategic placement of the 24 massaging stones which help to temporarily energise, enhance, revive your skin.

The hexagonal shape of the Uplift Facial Roller implements a rhythmic rolling action, replicating the techniques used in my signature facials at our exclusive spas helping to improve the appearance of skin tone for a more renewed, youthful-looking you!

As a busy mother of three I wanted to make the UpLift as user friendly as possible. While other facial rollers are also soothing the UpLift is designed to mimic effects of the custom blend of different European/ percussive/ shiatsu / massaging techniques used in our signature facials at our exclusive spas.

With the UpLift beauty tool  you don’t have to follow a facial acupuncture map-you just press and roll and the UpLift’s unique hexagonal shape with its strategically placed stones we did the work so all you have to do is press and roll - its super easy and if you don’t believe me do one side of your face then look in the mirror.

The Nurse Jamie 2019 collection focuses on beauty tools. Can you describe the benefits of the new NuVibe RX and Nurse Jamie UpLift™ Body beauty tools?

Nurse Jamie UpLift™ Body - a high frequency sonic vibration to temporarily improve and “UpLift” your skin’s appearance and can be used. The pressing and rolling motion of the dual “Y-Shape” head together with 48 massaging stones of the tool mirrors the massage techniques used in Nurse Jamie signature facials – providing you with mini facial in the palm of your hand.

NuVibe RX is set to revolutionise the non-surgical at-home beauty solutions with its sleek slim design and sonic amethyst head. Amethyst crystal has a rich history of healing and soothing properties for body and mind. NuVibe RX vibrates at 6,000 pulses per minute to help refresh and restore a youthful look and make your skin completely zen and glowing, alleviate tension, tame under eye bags, and increase collagen production by stimulating the soft tissue of the face.

Epidermal Growth Factor is a key ingredient in your product range, could you tell us a bit about what it is and how it benefits the skin?

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving hydration and giving skin renewed suppleness. Our proprietary treatment helps to reduce visible signs of ageing by improving skin's firmness, texture and tone. The Nurse Jamie EGF Botanical Complex, Platinum 3 Facial Oil (for men & women) and Platinum 7 Moisturizer (for men & women) all contain EGF.

What are your top 3 Nurse Jamie product recommendations?

  1. UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller
  2. NuLips RX Moisturising Lip Balm + Exfoliating Lip Brush
  3. Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow

You take part in Netflix's new makeover show, Skin Decision: Before & After, could you tell us a bit more about this show and your role?

It’s educational- not just a makeover show, it’s more of a transformational show. The stories are so inspiring and uplifting. It’s also the FIRST medical makeover - (more than a makeover show more like transformational show) from a female perspective - I have to give props to Netflix for this.

What do you think have been the most important skincare trends for 2020?

I think that the future of skin care starts at home with at home solutions- especially when it comes to beauty tools. I look at skin care products as the fuel and the beauty tool as the automobile –  you need both to get somewhere.

What are your top tips for healthy and glowing skin?

Think “maintain, not reclaim” and always try to be preventative. Think of the rules of eating that are good for your body; most apply to your skin as well. It is the largest organ of the body so treat it like one. Be consistent with taking off makeup nightly. Use a hypoallergenic and antibacterial surface to cleanse your skin. Exfoliate regularly, manually or with a tool, but gently and consistently.

Dos: Use an at-home use a gadget or beauty tool as you can have the best ingredients (in a product) in the world, but skin is the largest organ of the body and its main function is to protect - so you can apply cream till you are blue in the face - but for maximum performance of your skincare use a beauty tool to help increase product absorption and optimal results

Eyes Frame the Face - Look closely at Ruby Rose and Khloé Kardashian - there is not a crows foot or bag to be seen around those smiling eyes. Use a beauty tool for the eyes - like my Eyeonix Massaging Beauty Tool. Whether it's from "last night's sushi" or post-party - the Eyeonix is a must-have to fight puffiness and bags.

Also apply an eye cream every morning and night after your face moisturiser. The best way to apply is after your moisturiser using your ring finger.  Using products containing growth factors increase cell turnover and erase fine lines and wrinkles in addition to adding moisture to that delicate eye area.


Side sleeping - The No. 3 cause of premature ageing: (No. 1 is UV damage and now we have to think about HEV and blue light and No. 2 is smoking) don't sleep on a wrinkle maker, aka a traditional pillow. Use satin only and - like my Beauty Bear — a shape that will help you train to back sleep - or at least keeps the opening for your face so that the most delicate areas around the eyes, cheeks and neck do not form permanent wrinkles.

Over Exfoliating – what I refer to as “over exfoliation nation” – We need to treat our skin like a silk fabric not a piece of leather. When you over-exfoliate (physically and chemically) and with over -frequency (very common) it destroys the protective barrier that your skin has - once it is removed or compromised you are exposing your skin to environmental toxins, sun damage, premature ageing, acne, etc.

Where is the skincare market heading?

In addition to at home beauty and skin care solutions, I think we will see more interest in all natural skin care that is personalised by condition. My Nurse Jamie Botanical Oils target specific skin care needs- for acneic skin there's my Tequila Sunrise Clarifying Oil which includes Prickly Pear Oil and Orange Blossom Oil. This unique blend was specifically formulated to help calm acne prone skin, reduce puffiness and soften the skin.

For dry skin there's Make Nice with Calendula Oil to help soothe and calm dry dehydrated skin.

You can use these oils together or by pairing with the Nurse Jamie Miracle Base Beauty Oil- all are made of 100% botanical oils including Arnica Montana Oil for inflammation and antioxidant benefits- it's all about customising to best fit your skin care and self care needs. I recommend optimising oil use with the Nurse Jamie NuVibe RX Amethyst Sonic Massaging Beauty Tool or the UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller.

How has Nurse Jamie been adjusting to such uncertain and challenging times?

Due to covid-19 everyone is at home cooking so much that body slimming and sculpting treatments are big for in office but the at home beauty tool business has grown exponentially.

Treatment popularity varies by season (bottom lifting for summer, etc) but Tightening never goes out of style. There is no exercise for the skin, and we stop making new collagen naturally at 25, so sometimes you need help from your friend the laser. Especially on the back of arms, inner thighs, above the knees and elbows. There are a number of tightening lasers that can thicken those collagen fibres and cause the skin to adhere.

What are your greatest achievements to date?

Mom of triplets.

What advice would you give to anyone starting up a skincare of beauty brand?

Establish your own footprint and follow that path- doesn’t need to be aggressive or big, just keep following your own path.



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