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TikTok star Made by Mitchell unveils pop-up in H beauty

Chloe Burney
24 May 2023

British cosmetics brand Made by Mitchell, founded by the TikTok creator and make-up artist Mitchell Halliday, has opened its first-ever pop-up in H Beauty, Bristol.

Until 31 October, fans will be able to purchase viral products, including the best-selling 'Blursh', its glowing sister Blursh Drip Drip and the Beam Lip Gloss.

Made by Mitchell rose to fame on the social media platform TikTok for its candid and inclusive approach to makeup. Blursh quickly racked up sales on TikTok Shop due to the virality of Mitchell's content, with his videos gaining over nine million likes.

The pop-up at Cribbs Causeway, dubbed the ‘Mitchell Mart’, will be offering beauty advice, with Mitchell himself making appearances. Until now, Made by Mitchell products have only been available via TikTok Shop and select online retailers, making this pop-up the brand's in-person retail debut.

Mitchell Halliday, CEO of Made By Mitchell, commented: "Growing up I could only have dreamed of being stocked in such an iconic space as H beauty. I am so excited that after months of planning, the Mitchell Mart has finally come to life, giving fans of Made by Mitchell the chance to test and try their favourite products in-store.

"The TikTok community is incredibly supportive, and I am excited to have the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible in-person and bring the #BeautyTok community to life."

Over the years, TikTok has garnered a thriving community of beauty creators and make-up artists. #BeautyTok, for example, has over 44 billion views, with creators like Made by Mitchell using the platform to reach a global community of make-up fans and establish their brands.

Patrick Nommensen, GM of UK E-Commerce TikTok, said: "TikTok is the ultimate destination for beauty fans and brands to come together and talk about their favourite products, from more established players to smaller SMEs like Made By Mitchell.

"Made by Mitchell has become one of those incredible success stories on TikTok - proof that leaning into trends, being authentic, and engaging in our community can make a real difference and help a business succeed both on and off our platform."

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