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Tweakit to launch new sustainable sachet beauty range

Sophie Smith
22 October 2021

Tweakit has announced the launch of its new sustainable hair and body wash sachets, which will offer a more eco-friendly and portable range of haircare and bodycare products.

Launching on Kickstarter, Tweakit aims to combat the 520 million shampoo bottles that are thrown away every year. Its products are fully recyclable and aim to eliminate unnecessary water and plastic bottle waste.

Tweakit's new vegan hair and body wash comes in the form of a powder and are packaged in recyclable paper sachets.

Described by the brand, the sachets have been designed with convenience in mind. Their compact form makes them suitable for travellers, gym goers, holiday hosts and business trippers who are limited by space, weight, and airport liquid restrictions.

Committed to social and environmental responsibility, Tweakit’s products are also made using 99% plant-derived, sustainably sourced ingredients. Along with being 100% vegan, petroleum, paraben and sulphate-free.

The sachets will be available on a subscription service after Tweakit’s Kickstarter has been completed so that customers can refill their reusable bottles.

Ben Anderson, Co-founder of Tweakit, said: “We’re creating better solutions for ourselves, our families, and our planet, that are convenient, cost-effective, and offer the same level of quality and performance that the day-to-day user would expect from their favourite hair product."

Founded by Ben Anderson and Anna Nash, the brand's mission is to lighten their customers' daily footprint, add a contribution to the eco-friendly revolution and remind everyone that they are not alone in wanting to improve our well-being and world.

Tweakit is available to pre-order on Kickstarter from £22.

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