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Typology expands range with new tanning products

Sophie Smith
06 April 2022

Typology has expanded its tanning product range with the launch of its new self-tanning serum and Botanical Blend oil.

The new self-tanning serum is formulated from natural self-tanning agents DHA, Erythrulose and carob pulp. The serum aims to enhance the skin's complexion from 12 hours after the first application, while the carob pulp in the formula "ensures that the healthy glow effect lasts longer".

Both 100% natural and certified organic, the Botanical Blend with Buriti aims to give the skin a healthy glow as soon as it’s applied. Enriched with jasmine plant cells and jojoba oil, it aims to build on the skin’s natural radiance and protect skin cells against photo-aging.

Typology is a gender neutral skincare brand known for its range of natural skincare, haircare and cosmetics. The brand is currently the bestselling digital beauty brand in France.

Ning Li, Founder of Typology, said: "As you may already know, Typology is a direct to consumer brand, which means that we have a direct contact with our customers and our community. It’s a goldmine for us to understand the consumer demand. We received a strong demand from our UK community for products that enhance your natural glow, so we decided to respond to their request and designed a collection that perfect match that expectations."

Listen to our podcast with the brand's Founder, Ning Li, to find out more about the brand.

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