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UK's first gender-neutral priced skincare and laser clinic opens in London

Tom Shearsmith
10 May 2021

Launched last week, EverySkin has opened its first laser and beauty clinic in the UK, founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel great, whatever their skin tone, gender and budget.

Co-founders Alice Sagnier, former Head of Strategy at Fortnum & Mason and Bridget Healy, formerly a Principal with global private equity firm KKR’s Retail & Consumer team were frustrated with the exclusive, over-priced, and over-medicalised aesthetic industry in the UK today.

Combining Sagnier’s focus on building a modern, customer-centric, digitally-enabled business with Healy's deep understanding of operational best-practice from her experience at KKR working with Australia’s leading laser clinic business, they set out to create an inclusive, accessible and transparent business, with integrity at the centre of both the customer and employee experience.

The first clinic to open is located next to H&M in Wood Green, with another located next to Boots in the Walthamstow Mall opening 26 May – a stark contrast to most aesthetic clinics, often tucked away in discreet locations. took an exclusive look inside the new clinic:

The clinics are designed by former Store Design Director of Fortnum & Mason, Olivia Westrom, striking a balance of being warm and inviting, whilst also reassuringly clinical. They are pared back to reflect the essence of the brand, featuring natural tones with primarily UK-based materials.

Priced and referred to both online and in-store with gender neutral language (apart from Brazilian laser hair removal), the treatments on offer reflect a forward-thinking attitude of inclusivity to those who identify as LGBTQ+ or non-binary.

Bridget Healy, Co-Founder of EverySkin told "We are very excited to be launching a female-owned, female run business that prioritises the great diversity of it’s management team and our underlying principle of being welcoming to everyone – every skin tone, every gender and every budget."

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