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Uncover beauty's leading and most imaginative brands at the UK's premier retail marketplace made for buyers

Autumn Fair
11 July 2024

Autumn Fair, the UK’s premier retail marketplace for Home, Gift & Fashion, is set to return from the 1st to the 4th of September at NEC Birmingham. This highly anticipated event offers retailers an unparalleled opportunity to explore and shop from over 800 of the most imaginative and leading brands in the industry.

As the largest show catering to retail’s peak season, Autumn Fair is a must-attend showcase, drawing over 12,000 purchase-ready buyers. Retailers will find themselves in a prime position to top up their stock and enhance their offerings in time for Christmas with an array of new and captivating products.

Buyers will be delighted by the wealth of offerings from over 30% of exhibitors who show exclusively at Autumn Fair. Spanning 10 definitive product sectors, buyers can discover the latest in gifts, greetings, stationery, candles, home decoration, accessories, and fashion.

Trends and Innovations

In today’s fast-paced consumer markets, innovation remains crucial for brand success. Despite recent challenges in new product development, brands are navigating the evolving landscape to meet consumer demands for sustainability, transparency, and high-quality customer experiences.

Recent surveys and reports indicate significant trends shaping the beauty market. According to Mintel’s new report, beauty consumers place more significance on value, driving the importance of quality, science and proven, certified ingredients; consumers also prioritise wellness and accelerate the power of the mind-body connection. 

  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing: 72% of consumers seek transparency in ingredients and sourcing.
  • Technological Innovations: 68% of consumers are open to trying advanced tech-integrated beauty products.
  • Customisation and Personalisation: 55% prefer products tailored to their specific needs.
  • Hybrid Products: 60% are interested in multifunctional products combining skincare with other benefits.
  • Inclusivity and Genderless Products: 45% are attracted to gender-neutral beauty items.
  • Skin Health and Wellness: 70% look for products promoting overall skin health.

Reports indicate the beauty industry is poised for a paradigm shift, with consumers prioritizing efficacy and functionality over extravagant packaging. Brands that adapt to these trends are set to thrive in the competitive landscape.

Spotlight on Beauty & Wellbeing

The Beauty & Wellbeing sector at Autumn Fair continues to flourish, presenting a diverse range of products from holistic home fragrances and luxurious soaps to beauty essentials, hair care, and grooming items. This sector is particularly timely for buyers looking to stock up on popular gifting products for Christmas and wellbeing items for the New Year.

Bomb Cosmetics

Discover a host of debut brands including Akamuti, Botanical & Bloom Candle Co, Sleep with Essta, Innovatethis, Kiki & Green, Leaf and Frosty, Men Cave Candles, Manley and Moosh, Psychic Sisters, Ray Essence Skincare, Nede Hair Care, Skyn Bakery, Sukha Oils, and YFF.

Skyn Bakery

Skyn Bakery

Kiki & Green is revolutionising menstrual care with their premium reusable pads. The pads offer unparalleled comfort, superior absorbency, and offer a sustainable alternative to disposable products. Crafted from high-quality, natural materials, KIKI & GREEN pads can absorb six times more fluid than traditional disposable pads, providing non-toxic period care for healthier periods.

Psychic Sisters was founded 18 years ago by world renowned clairvoyant Jayne Wallace. She wanted to create a wellness brand with a difference, so all products are affirmation based. The collection now includes aromatherapy products from candles, oils, incense and a range of sage and palo santo sticks. The recently launched bath and body range consists of bath salts, body and hair oil, all of which contain gemstones that are known to work with the body’s meridian.

An exciting mix of men’s grooming brands join the line-up this Autumn including Manley & Moosh. Founded by TV personality Cliff Parisi, Manley & Moosh will launch its innovative men's skincare range at the show. A British brand that offers luxury, Manley & Moosh aims to redefine men's skincare with high-quality, eco-friendly products for every man who values both his appearance and the planet.

Men Cave Candles is the only UK candle brand dedicated to men. Their mission is to redefine the candle experience for men, offering a diverse range of sophisticated scents and designs that complement their lifestyle and preferences.

Much loved favourites such as Bomb Cosmetics, Corincraft, Fikkerts, Beauty Scents, Ivy & Twine, Home County Candle Co, Sevin, Shifa Aromas, St Eval Candle Company, and Wild-Olive return with their latest products.

Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director

Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director

Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director of Autumn Fair comments: “The Beauty & Wellbeing sector’s growth is a testament to the rising demand for such products. We are thrilled to host brands offering a broad spectrum of items, including consumer beauty goods, nutrition, tech wearables, air care, candles, bath bombs, and more. The wellness market is valued at $1.8million and UK retailers are keen to benefit from this huge consumer interest. Autumn Fair continues to attract independent businesses and department stores, garden centres and retail discounters all wanting to see the best products in beauty and wellbeing.”

New Business Pavilions

The newly formed New Business Pavilions showcase growing brands across our Home, Gift and Fashion (Moda) destinations. These dedicated pavilions offer the chance to meet new suppliers and discover the latest products launches.

Buyer Tours

If you’re new to the show or not quite sure where to start, Autumn Fair will be running daily tours of the Home and Gift destinations.

Faire Partnership

Brand new this season, Autumn Fair is exclusively collaborating with Faire, the world’s leading online trade show to bridge the gap between online and offline buying. You’ll get access to unique products, simplify your buying process and get discounts on Faire and Autumn Fair exclusive products at the show!

Faire will help hundreds of exhibiting brands take orders on its platform from retailers attending the show and help retailers experience the power of Faire for online wholesale buying. The collaboration aims to make buying inventory and connecting with brands more efficient, flexible and pleasant than ever. Faire will also be offering an exclusive discount to Autumn Fair’s retailers to try it for the first time with 50% off and free shipping on their first order.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of Autumn Fair 2024. Visit for more information and to register for the event.


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