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Unilever CEO to retire next year

Sophie Smith
26 September 2022

Unilever CEO Alan Jope has announced his intention to retire from the company at the end of 2023, after five years in the role and over 37 years at the company.

The group's board will now proceed with a formal search for a successor and will consider both internal and external candidates.

Jope first joined Unilever in 1985. Before being appointed CEO, he served as President of the Beauty, Wellbeing and Personal Care divisions. He has also worked in leadership roles in North America for 14 years and Asia for 13 years.

In recent years as CEO, Jope has overseen the unification of Unilever’s legal structure under a single parent company, the acceleration of the company’s Prestige and Functional Nutrition product portfolios and the launch of Unilever’s Climate Transition Action Plan.

He has also consolidated Unilever’s sustainability and business strategies into one, designed to link Unilever’s leadership in sustainability to the acceleration of business performance.

Nils Andersen, Chairman of Unilever, said: “Alan’s retirement next year will mark the end of a remarkable career with Unilever. Under his leadership, Unilever has made critical changes to its strategy, structure and organisation that position it strongly for success.

"The board will now conduct an orderly succession process and support Alan and the management team in further driving the performance of Unilever.

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, added: “As I approach my fifth year as CEO, and after more than 35 years in Unilever, I believe now is the right time for the board to begin the formal search for my successor. Growth remains our top priority, and in the quarters ahead I will remain fully focused on disciplined execution of our strategy, and leveraging the full benefits of our new organisation.”

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