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Veocel launches industry’s first Fibre Identification System to address supply chain transparency in beauty

Sophie Smith
09 November 2021

Veocel has launched the first Fibre Identification System, aiming to address a growing demand for supply chain transparency and quality assurance in the beauty industry.

The beauty brand has launched its new system for Lenzing Lyocell Skin, Fine Skin and Micro Skin fibres used in facial sheet masks.

Veocel is Lenzing Group’s flagship specialty nonwoven brand. The brand is committed to driving industry standards around sustainability and natural comfort in the nonwoven sector. Veocel transfers the essence of nature into its products through the beneficial properties of Veocel fibres.


Made in Austria, the fibres are of botanic origin, biodegradable and compostable. Lenzing Lyocell Skin fibres are also good for the environment as they are certified Carbon Neutral products with a carbon footprint reduced to net-zero.

Jürgen Eizinger, VP of Lenzing AG, said: “In recent years we have been witnessing an evolution within the beauty industry, from focusing on the quality of nonwovens fabric, to ensuring authenticity and transparency of fibre materials used in facial sheet masks.

“With the introduction of the Single-Use Plastics Directive in the European Union earlier this year, it is indeed a timely launch for our Fibre Identification System for Veocel Lyocell fibres. As brands become more aware of the importance of supply chain transparency and set it as a priority for their business model and reputation, we anticipate that the Fibre Identification System will play a key role for our Veocel brand in 2022 and beyond.”

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