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Victoria Beckham Beauty Co-founder Sarah Creal ventures out with own beauty brand

Chloe Burney
04 June 2024

Sarah Creal has had her two cents in helping to create and formulate now well-established big beauty brands from Victoria Beckham Beauty, Prada Beauty, Tom Ford Beauty, Bobbi Brown cosmetics and the list goes on. Now, the beauty veteran has branched out on a mission to fill the gap in the market by creating a line designed for women over 40.

While Sarah Creal's name may have not previously been on your radar, it's almost certain her name is behind products that have graced your beauty stash. Behind the scenes, Sarah Creal is one of the industry’s most revered product formulators and brand builders.

Over the years, Creal witnessed a multitude of advances in ingredients and technology. Yet, most of the products out there are still being developed for women in their 20s and 30s, whose young skin, eyes, lashes and lips do not require the high-performing formulas that mature skin does. When Creal's go-to products stopped working for her skin, such as drying concealers and smudging mascaras, she was left wondering “Why is no one talking to me? Where are the cool, aspirational luxury brands catering to women my age?”

At age 54, Sarah has made it her mission to fill this gap in the market. Enters: Sarah Creal Beauty.

Creal said: “I want every woman to enjoy the journey and feel amazing every day.”

“Nobody really knows me outside the beauty industry,” Creal jokingly told Vogue.

When developing the brand, Creal was met with industry investors who didn't believe older women didn't want to look at older women and boy was he wrong. Creal asked 2,000 women this question and 99% agreed that providing education, age representation and age-specific formulations are essential for women over 40 plus. 89% said a beauty brand addressing the unique needs of women 40 plus is necessary.

The brand is powered by advanced formulas that are hydration-focused, and specifically dedicated to mature skin. From the campaign imagery to the packaging and formulas, this is the answer to over 40’s prayers. Products range across a broad spectrum from an eye cream to SPF and concealer. Prices range from a $40 mascara to $95 eye cream.

Sarah Creal Beauty is currently available exclusively in the US, but its website hints as coming across the Atlantic, reading: “[we plan to] expand our shipping options and locations”.

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