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Victoria's Secret launches first new fragrance in five years

Sophie Smith
19 July 2022

Victoria's Secret Beauty has launched its new Bare Eau de Parfum, the brand's first fine fragrance in five years.

According to the brand, the new fragrance aims to "harnesses the power of individuality" by adapting to every person's body chemistry to generate a scent that is unique to them.

Created with a proprietary blend of musks, the fragrance features mandarin, violet petals and sandalwood to create the brand's "most personal" fragrance yet.

The Eau de Parfum is also made with upcycled materials and responsibly sourced ingredients.

To celebrate the fragrance launch, Victoria's Secret has released a new women-led campaign to promote authenticity, individuality and diversity. Shot by photographer Zoe Ghertner, the campaign features women including social advocates, herbalists, artists and creatives.

Kristen Lagoa, VP of Merchandising, Beauty & Accessories at Victoria's Secret, said: "Bare Eau de Parfum is our most intimate fragrance yet. It's about a quiet confidence that comes from knowing your authentic self, and celebrates individuality in its most natural form. Choosing a scent is such a personal experience, so we took our time in creating a one-of-a-kind fragrance that could be both relatable and unique to everyone who wears it."

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