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World-first Ouronyx facial aesthetics centre to open in London

Gaelle Walker
07 April 2021

The world's first centre entirely dedicated to facial aesthetics is set to open its doors in London on April 12,  following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The 8,000 sq ft Ouronyx centre on Westminster’s St James’ Street will be the first in what will become a  series of new global locations featuring a “next generation approach to facial aesthetics, never seen before in the field."

Co-founded by Ida Banek, who has a background in psychology and behavioural science, the centre will deploy a "totally unique approach" to consultations, by placing psychology and sociology at the heart of the process.

Located over two floors, the centre’s upper level will feature an Education Zone where clients can relax and familiarise themselves with its offer and philosophy.

The space will also host regular live and virtual events to share knowledge, techniques and approaches with the wider aesthetics community.

Cutting-edge Cherry Imaging technology will also be deployed on the upper level to screen clients’ faces in 270 degrees prior to their consultations.

The technology will allow the centre’s team of aesthetic doctors to analyse facial changes “at a level not seen before in Europe.”

On the lower floor, the centre’s Medical Zone will boast six “stylish and comfortable” injecting suites, where unlike typical treatment rooms, much of the medical equipment will be stored out of sight.

Consultation rooms will also feature big screens and round tables where doctors will work with clients to co-create personalised treatment plans to help them “achieve their emotional and social goals, as well as their physical ones.”

Make-up artists will also be on hand to apply medically acceptable make-up to clients’ faces following procedures.

Ouronyx co-founder Ida Banek said: “The aesthetics industry is going through a transformation.

“While it’s key for aesthetics procedures to practice in a medically controlled and safe environment, the process and experience for the customer needs to be very different now.

“The space needs to be comfortable to allow people to explore who they are, what they want and how it can be achieved.

“It needs to be a space where people are inspired to sit with doctors as their “friends,” and to create outcomes that they will be delighted to wear for years to come.

“When you come for an aesthetic procedure, you are not sick. It is and should feel like a very different visit to a doctor who, say, was treating you for an illness.”

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