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World's first full cycle-care beauty brand Fewe to hit UK

Gaelle Walker
03 September 2021

A new beauty and self-care brand seeking to normalise the use of CBD in beauty products and spearhead growth in the emerging menstrual cycle-care movement, is to hit the UK market on 6 September.

Led by South West Brands CEO and founder of Botanic Lab Rebekah Hall, Fewe has been created to help women take charge of their full menstrual cycle, with a range of CBD-infused skincare products and oral sprays that support five key areas of the monthly cycle; pain, sleep, skin care, mood and vulva care.

The brand, which claims to be the world's first full-cycle care brand, offers a range of products, each of which are matched to a particular phase of the menstrual cycle.

Fewe will also be supported by an inclusive online hub, packed with expert-led education about the whole menstrual cycle, in a bid to help women harness their hormonal changes.

The brand’s ‘Get Up & Glow' serum for example (rrp:£20) offers a brightening formula infused with CBD and Vitamin C, which has been designed to help boost natural radiance as the body prepares to release an egg in the second week of the cycle.

By pairing intuitive, holistic ingredients with CBD, which is purported to play a “vital part" in the development of cycle solutions, Fewe is seeking to help “take CBD "out of its current hype ingredient status and make it an everyday staple in products,” the brand added.

The full Fewe range includes:

  • Thirst Trap - Hydrating and Soothing CBD Face Serum
  • Get Up And Glow - Moisture and Radiance CBD Face Serum
  • Seeking Clarity - Purifying and Plumping CBD Face serum
  • Spot The Difference - Anti-Blemish Serum
  • Calm Balm - Soothing and Comforting CBD Melt
  • Eau So Happy - Refreshing and Relaxing CBD Cologne
  • I Touch Myself - Rebalancing and Soothing CBD Vulva Serum
  • Take A Deep Breath - Mood lifting Adaptogen Oral Spray
  • Don’t Cramp My Style - Anti Inflammatory Oral Spray
  • Dream A Little Dream - Adaptogen infused Oral spray

The product launch is being backed with the publication of a new report which highlights the current “lack of understanding and knowledge of the menstrual cycle.”

According to Fewe’s report, 79% of UK people believed that a full menstrual cycle was just one week or didn't know how long it was.

The report “clearly demonstrated the need to put menstrual cycle education on the agenda,” Fewe brand director Fran Pearce said.

“We’ve built a product portfolio developed to work in-line with the phases of the cycle, pinpointing areas of focus and carefully creating products using CBD, adaptogens and active ingredients,’’ she added.

The launch comes amid a growth in the UK CBD market – with 12% of young people having purchased products during the pandemic, according to Fewe.

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