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World’s first saliva pregnancy test launches in UK

Sophie Smith
19 June 2023

Superdrug is now selling the world's first saliva pregnancy test, offering customers greater choice and a more accessible method of pregnancy self testing.

The test, called the Salistick, offers "high accuracy for early pregnancy detection utilising revolutionary and patented saliva technology, which allows saliva to be used as a sample rather than the traditional  urine tests".

Superdrug, along with manufacturer Abingdon Health, believes the new test creates a more convenient way of testing and allows for the experience to be shared with a partner and loved ones.

How does it work?

To use the test, saliva is pooled in the mouth before the collection swab is inserted to gather the sample. Users must then wait until the indicator changes colour.

Results can be read between five to 15 minutes, but may show up as early as three minutes.

Caris Newson, Healthcare Director at Superdrug, said: “At Superdrug, we are proud to launch the first-ever oral pregnancy test on the market.

"This new format expands our offering of convenient and accessible testing and care.

"The first at-home urine pregnancy test was launched nearly 50 years ago and until now there haven't been many advancements in this category. We are proud to help our customers by bringing them this new, innovative product.”

Chris Yates, CEO at Abingdon Health, added: “We are delighted to announce the launch of Salistick and its initial roll-out at Superdrug.

"This novel technology provides women with an enhanced user-experience; offering the ability to test anywhere, anytime."

Priced at £9.99, the Salistick is available online and in 400 Superdrug stores across the UK.

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