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Beauty brands step up skincare support during Acne Awareness Month

Gaelle Walker
24 June 2021

UK skincare brands are continuing to deliver a raft of meaningful advice and support to young adults suffering from low confidence and self esteem as a result of acne - as part of national Acne Awareness Month this June.

With 95% of people aged between 11 and 30 affected by acne to some extent and concerning data about the link between “bad skin” and mental health on the rise - brands are rallying to support the month and normalise the common skin condition.

Earlier this month, Skincare brand Bioré and anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label teamed up on the launch of a new Skin Esteem campaign to help young people think differently about their skin and support the struggling.

“In our image-obsessed society, we believe that young adults are under more pressure than ever to achieve ‘perfect’ skin, as they compare themselves to others in both real life and on social media,” Bioré said.

“These unachievable ideals and constant comparisons can have a devastating impact on their day to day lives – affecting everything from how often they speak up in class to being scared to post an unfiltered selfie.”

The skincare brand and Ditch the Label worked with OnePoll to commission research of 1,000 UK 16-24 year olds, to discover how their skin impacted their day to day lives, their self-esteem and their mental health.

According to the findings, half of all young adults said that bad skin affected their mental health, with one in four saying it "badly" impacted their self-confidence while 16% said they had considered harming themselves when having a "bad skin day."

A further seven in 10 said they wanted to “normalise” having problem skin.

Skincare and treatment brand Dermalogica has also launched a campaign to promote skin acceptance and educate people on acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, via its Clear Start brand.

The brand has also partnered with acne normalisation photographer Peter Devito to create images that destigmatise breakouts and celebrate real skin.

Peace Out Skincare - which provides a range of targeted products for the treatment of acne, has also been working hard to normalise the condition – sharing old images of its founder Enrico Frezza - who suffered from “relentless acne throughout his teen and early adult years.”

The US-brand, which made its UK launch via Boots earlier this year, also hit Cult Beauty during Acne Awareness Month - including an exclusive Peace Out Acne Champions kit (rrp:£23.)

The Skin Experts is also supporting Acne Awareness month with blogs and product recommendations from skincare experts on how to manage and treat the condition.

The dermatologist-backed company, which sells a raft of high-performance skin products has also joined forces with sk:n Clinics to create a comprehensive guide to acne.

Acne Awareness Month also witnessed the arrival of celebrity dermatologist Sandra Lee MD’s SLMD Skincare brand on UK shores.

Lee - AKA “Dr Pipple Popper” is seeking to “democratize dermatology” via her US skincare brand, which offers a range of targeted solutions to help manage acne-prone skin, as well as other concerns.

The UK launch has been supported with a raft of promotions including deals on its new '3-step Blemish-Prone Skin System'.

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