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Body Proud launches new campaign to raise awareness of safe online dating

Sophie Smith
19 September 2023

Body Proud has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of catfishing and safe online dating for its Gen Z community. 

Ahead of Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, the 'Don’t Fall for the Smooth Talk' campaign has been created in partnership with The Cyber Helpline.

The campaign champions the charity's work to help victims of cybercrime and online harm, bringing The Cyber Helpline's mission to the forefront of the brand's conversations with its community.

Body Proud

As part of this, Body Proud has created an ‘Am I Falling For The Smooth Talk’ Catfishing Guide, which can be shared digitally to support young people through the cuffing season and beyond.

The campaign is also inspired by the brand's Smooth Talk Serum, an exfoliating body serum to "smooth, brighten and even skin tone".

It comes after studies carried out by The Cyber Helpline found that 49% of Gen Z have been a victim of sextortion catfishing crimes, with 74% also saying it impacted their physical safety.

Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Body Proud, said: "Now we are coming into cuffing season, there are added pressures experienced by young people around catfishing and cyber crimes to enjoy online dating safely.

"At BodyProud, we are on a mission to encourage Gen Zs to enjoy cuffing season and raise awareness of catfishing and safe online dating.

"We are proud to be championing the important work that The Cyber Helpline are doing and bring their mission to the forefront of the conversation with our community to create a positive conversation.”

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