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Jones Road unveils "I Am Me" campaign to celebrate latest kit launch

Lauretta Roberts
23 April 2024

Jones Road Beauty, the multi-functional skincare-meets-makeup brand from legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown, has unveiled a new campaign "I Am Me" encouraging people to focus on what they like about themselves rather than striving to achieve "impossible standards" of beauty.

I Am Me highlights women from all backgrounds and ages sharing their individual journeys in "finding confidence and true happiness in their lives and in their beauty".

The campaign video has been released to co-incide with the launch of the latest Jones Road kit complete with products to moisturise, polish, and illuminate the face and "allow natural beauty to shine". It has been dubbed as "confidence in a bag".

Jones Road

Stars of the I Am Me campaign

Contained in the kit are a choice of The Brow Pencil in any of the available shades, including a brand new shade in Grey, The Lip and Cheek Stick in Bright Pink, The Lip Pencil in Tawny Nude, The Eye Cream and a mini version of fan favourite The Miracle Balm in Magic Hour. It is available from today at priced at £72.

The I Am Me kit

The brand's founder Brown said of the campaign: "I Am Me’ is a constant reminder to myself and for others to own who you are and be proud of it. It’s about being comfortable in your skin and loving what makes you special and unique. Embrace every freckle, every fine line, and every scar… wear it all proudly and know that it makes you, you.

"When I look back at the beauty industry from decades ago, I realize it’s so vastly different from now. Back then, makeup was used to transform a face into an unrealistic, cookie cutter ideal of beauty. Sales people sold products based on your imperfections. Fast forward to now, it has evolved into an individualized approach and the scope of beauty largely encompasses all skin colors, face shapes and ages. Our newest campaign, I Am Me celebrates these changes that I have been a champion of since the beginning of my career. There is no such a thing as imperfection. You are exactly who you need to be. 'I Am Me' is the statement I hope everyone says loudly and proudly. The I Am Me Kit contains 5 confidence boosting products to help you own your look, while enhancing the features you love the most."

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