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New microbiome skincare brand Opalore debuts

Sophie Smith
23 January 2024

Opalore, a new microbiome skincare brand designed to counter the causes and effects of biological ageing, has launched for the first time. 

Described as the "next generation of microbiome care for each life phase", the new brand champions skin health and longevity by working with its natural microbial defences and replacing lost nutrients that gradually decline with age.

Founded by Sarah Baker,  Opalore was born out of a necessity and frustration when she fell ill with cancer.

"I spent eighteen months undergoing chemotherapy and Herceptin treatments which left my body riddled with toxins. My immune system stopped functioning properly leaving my skin shocked, highly reactive, and unable to cope with even the most basic skincare routine," Baker said.

"I would have given anything to look and feel myself again and tried so many products that claimed to support skin health, yet nothing worked. I realised that the only way to make a difference was to do something about it myself."

Recognising that the biological process of skin ageing is different for everyone, Opalore launches with five proprietary Brilliance Creams suitable for men and women of all ages, skin types and skin tones.

  1. No.1 – (18-29) Healing & Age protecting.
  2. No. 2 – (30-39) First signs on ageing.
  3. No. 3 – (40-49) Wrinkles & Stressed Skin.
  4. No. 4 – (50-59) Compromised & Mature Skin.
  5. No. 5 – (60+) Advanced Ageing & Menopausal Skin.

The signature base formula of each cream includes polyglutamic acid, Swiss mineral water, squalane, niacinamide and bio-fermented black tea kombucha - all of which have a "positive effect" on ageing cells and microbial diversity.

It works to slow the biological ageing process, support a healthy microbiome, repair past damage and future-proof skin longevity, as well as improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of pores, improve hydration and protect skin from external environmental stressors.

Priced from £180 to £320, Opalore's product range is available via its newly-launched website, as well as online at Harvey Nichols.

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