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Scotland announces regulation plans for aesthetic procedures

Sophie Smith
11 July 2022

The Scottish Government has announced its pledge to introduce legislation on non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

In 2020, the Scottish Government carried out a public consultation on the regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and proposals to introduce a licensing scheme.

The results of the consultation showed "strong" public support for further regulation and influenced the Scottish Government's plans to address the issue of unsafe non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Plans include legislation to restrict who can administer dermal fillers and the introduction of secondary legislation to bring pharmacists who provide services outside of NHS contracts under the regulation of Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

In a statement, the Scottish Government said: "Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all non-surgical cosmetic procedures carried out in Scotland are delivered from hygienic premises by appropriately trained practitioners, applying recognised standards and using legitimate products."

Victoria Brownlie, Chief Policy Officer of the British Beauty Council, said: “This is great news for people in Scotland and public safety. We are making great headway in raising the reputation of the aesthetics industry to ensure that the public can have confidence in all those providing these services without fear of being ‘botched’. We look forward to contributing to discussions, as we are in the UK, on what such regulation should look like."

The British Beauty Council has joined the Government to help address the future of aesthetics regulation in England.

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