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The Interview: Founder Dimitra Davidson on Indeed Labs' high-quality yet affordable approach to skincare

Sophie Smith
11 April 2024

Canadian-born beauty brand Indeed Labs was launched by Dimitra Davidson in 2010 with the goal of bringing high-quality, clinically-proven skincare to consumers at an affordable price.

The brand has since developed an entire line of highly effective, award-winning, science-backed skincare products that aim to deliver real results to real people. From sensitive skin and age spots to moisture loss and wrinkles, its products are designed to meet different skin concerns.

In this interview with, Davidson speaks about the inspiration behind Indeed Labs, the importance of affordable, high-quality products, and how she defines the brand's success. 

Indeed Labs

What inspired you to launch the brand?

Indeed Labs was born more out of a need rather than an inspiration. There was frustration with the lack of transparency in the industry and not being able to find the right product(s) to treat a specific need, this sparked the concept of Indeed Labs. The word "indeed" means "in truth or in fact". The brand focuses on "problem-solution" skincare with transparency, educating consumers on the ingredients going into the products and focusing on results.

When launching Indeed Labs, did you have a clear vision of what you wanted the brand to be? If so, what was this?

The brand's mission was to create products that deliver on their promise by focusing on clinically proven ingredients that are safe for consumers. It became obvious that affordable and accessible, results-driven products were not easy to come by, so Indeed Labs was launched to bring consumers everywhere good skincare at an affordable price.

We are considered a "masstige" brand, meaning affordable luxury. Our model is to formulate high-quality skincare products and bring them to the mass market. We achieve this by selling larger quantities compared to luxury brands, which have a much smaller audience.

How do you decide what products to launch? 

There are many variables that determine what, how, and when we launch new products. My simple philosophy is that if we cannot bring a product to market with a point of difference—meaning something that doesn’t currently exist in the world—then it doesn’t make our shortlist.

Our two most recent innovations include our Snoxin II eye patches (botox in a bottle) and our Nanoset (Nanoblur setting spray).

What was your marketing strategy when the business first launched? Is this different from today? 

We have always led with the consumer in mind. From day one, our advertising showcased "real people with real results", unfiltered.

Today, our model has not changed, but the world has caught up. We continue to focus on first-to-market innovation and formulas with the best quality, clinically backed ingredients at the highest levels to give consumers results. Our products do not focus on single ingredients; rather, they focus on ingredients that work together to achieve multiple benefits.


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How important has social media been in spreading this message? 

Social media has given us a platform to educate people, create a community, and give consumers a glimpse into our world.

Where is Indeed Labs available in the UK? 

Currently, Indeed is available in Boots, online on Amazon, Lookfantastic, Sephora UK, and direct-to-consumer with Indeed Labs e-commerce. We are currently expanding as well—stay tuned!

What are your ambitions for the brand in the UK and generally?

Our goal is to gain the confidence of consumers as a trusted brand delivering high-quality products at an affordable price.

How do you position Indeed Labs for continued success? 

Success, to me, is measured by our loyal fans and our growing community. My job is to bring to market products with integrity.

Year after year, we have won many prestigious awards (over 50 awards to date); we have experienced viral activity on social media; our brand has seen a broadening demographic (young adults, men, etc.); we have launched with major retailers in the US (Target, now CVS); and we have expanded into markets around the world, like India.

The brand continues to grow, which excites me as we are fulfilling our mission of bringing high-quality products to consumers everywhere.

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