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Bastille Parfums strengthens traceability with Avery Dennison

Sophie Smith
11 October 2023

Natural fragrance brand Bastille Parfums has partnered with Avery Dennison to launch a new transparency initiative for greater supply chain visibility.

Powered by Avery Dennison's RFID sensor technology, Bastille can now track and trace tagged products across its entire supply chain, improve inventory management and mitigate counterfeit products.

This technology is linked to the firm's connected product cloud platform, which means that every product is also assigned a unique digital identity, or "digital twin", to track every product at every step of the supply chain from source to consumer.

Tracking purchase orders in real-time also allows Bastille to achieve a higher level of factory outbound accuracy. It can gain access to consumer interaction analytics, providing insights into customer engagement with different fragrance collections.

Responding to consumers’ desire for greater ingredient disclosure, the new transparency initiative will also see two Bastille fragrances including bestseller, Pleine Lune, and new release, Paradis Nuit, equipped with a serialised QR code associated with the RFID tag.

A single scan of the QR code with a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, will take users to a digital experience to unlock information regarding the origin of ingredients, date of bottling, olfactory values, fragrance composition and sustainability details.

By utilising the unique digital ID for both the RFID and QR code, the experience provided is unique for every single item. In return, Bastille hopes to benefit from interaction and engagement insights to better understand its customers and identify trends.

Sophie Maisant, CEO of Bastille, said: "Our commitment to the highest transparency standards is in our DNA. It’s also essential to our longstanding trust with customers.

"With this new initiative, we are letting our customers know we hear their desire for not only more information about already available ingredients but for full disclosure of ingredients including sourcing, provenance and date of manufacturing."

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