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Beauty industry failing to meet "casual" consumer needs

Gaelle Walker
13 May 2021

UK beauty brands are missing out on sales by focusing too heavily on “beauty junkies,” and overlooking the “casual beauty consumer,” a new study by beauty-box company Birchbox suggests.

Founded in 2010, the company’s subscription model pairs beauty consumers with a monthly box of sample-sized products tailored to their needs, along with easy-to-follow insider tips.

Seven out of 10 Birchbox consumers said that the term “casual beauty consumer” resonated with them, while only 16.5% described themselves as “dedicated enthusiasts,” a survey of 10,8967 customers revealed.

Just under 70% said they were comfortable with the basics but would “like to learn more” while 89.5% said that figuring out what to buy amongst the sheer number of options was “overwhelming.”

When it came to time spent on beauty routines, 56% said that they “found” moments for beauty and self-care within their days, rather than sticking to strict morning and evening rituals.

Just over 60% said they spent less than 30 minutes on their beauty routines each day while 49.2% said they spent less than 15 mins a day on skincare specifically and 27% said they had no specific skincare regime at all.

A quarter of consumers use five products or less a day, while 45% use between five and 10.

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