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Editors' Picks: New launches from Ultra Violette, Saie, Dyson and more...
22 March 2024

From Saie's hydrating concealer to Ultra Violette's reformulated SPF, and more, here are the top beauty launch picks of the week from team.

Supersonic Nural, Dyson

This week, Dyson unveiled its most intelligent hair dryer to date, designed to champion scalp health with new sensor technology. Ahead of its launch, I went to meet the team to find out all about the Supersonic Nural.

Following the brand’s launch into the world of haircare in 2016, the new styling tool marks the next iteration of its Supersonic Hair Dryer. It promises to protect scalp health and enhance hair’s natural shine with fast, intelligent drying without heat damage for all hair types.

The tool is defined by a new scalp protect mode, which automatically reduces heat and airflow as it nears a user's scalp (very cool). Meanwhile, capsule illumination changes colour to show each heat setting, depending on the distance the machine is from the head (also very cool). Other innovations include attachment learning and a motion-sensing accelerometer, making this an intelligent new addition to Dyson’s haircare line-up.

Priced at £399.99, the Supersonic Nural launches in the UK in May - and, if it’s like any of its other styling tools, is destined for sell out success.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer.

Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer, Saie

You may have heard of Saie after its Super Glow Gel made waves on TikTok for giving the skin that all-over glow we all crave, but the rest of its complexion range isn’t one to look over. This week, the brand launched its latest addition to the line-up - the Slip Tint Radiant All Over Concealer, available in 25 shades.

The ultra-hydrating concealer promises an undetectable medium coverage, making it perfect for those no-makeup makeup days or flawless nighttime looks. The Slip Tint Concealer is powered by Saie’s Fatty Acid Complex (SFAC). With power-packed ingredients, the product is set to revolutionise the clean complexion category. It is also proven to target a range of skin concerns such as under eye puffiness and large pores.

Chloé Burney, Senior News and Feature Writer.

Queen Screen SPF 50+, Ultra Violette

Anyone that knows me, will know that I’m a bit SPF obsessed. As someone with pale skin, who has burnt badly in the past and is horrified at the impact of sun damage, it comes at no surprise that an SPF would crop up in my beauty launch picks sooner or later - and today’s the day!

Capturing my attention this week is Ultra Violette, with its bestselling Queen Screen SPF50+, which has returned with a upgraded formula. By refining the product, the brand has introduced new supercharged ingredients while maintaining its signature smooth, glossy texture.

Alongside Tinosorb M & S, the SPF boasts Uvinul A Plus and Uvinal T150 for "comprehensive defence against the full solar spectrum of UV light", which is said to be more effective and gentler than ever. It also includes a blend of brightening, hydrating, and antioxidant-rich ingredients - who doesn't love a multipurpose formula!? Priced at £38, the Queen Screen SPF50+ is available at Ultra Violette and Space NK.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer

Golden Millet Oil-infused Range, Carol Joy

There’s nothing like a good self-care Sunday, well in my opinion. With Carol Joy - famed for its collagen facials at The Dorchester’s Spa - relaunching its spa-standard skincare, you can guess what's on the agenda for this Sunday evening.

The list of new launches include a Cleansing Foam, Lip Contour Cream, Neck and Décolleté Cream and Lifting Eye Contour. Prices range between £45 to £140 - certainly cheaper than a facial at a 5* hotel!

What’s special about Carol Joy’s science-backed formulations is the Golden Millet Oil, which lies at the heart of each product. It is the only skincare brand to include this ingredient, helping each product to enhance overall skin health, boost moisture levels, reduce trans epidermal water loss, rejuvenate the skin and fortify the skin barrier.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.

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