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Estée Lauder Companies launches new literacy initiative with inaugural poet Amanda Gorman

Gaelle Walker
03 September 2021

Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) has partnered with US inaugural poet Amanda Gorman on the launch of a new global literacy initiative designed to help drive social change and female empowerment.

Gorman, who was born in 1998, is the youngest inaugural poet in US history and a committed advocate for the environment, racial equality, and gender justice.

As Global Changemaker and Curator of ELC's new “Writing Change” literacy initiative, Gorman will “bring her voice of change to the Estée Lauder brand” through a number of new campaigns set to debut in Spring 2022, the company said.

ELC Executive Group President Jane Hertzmark Hudis said: “Our company was founded by an extraordinary woman, Estée Lauder, who paved the way for women everywhere to believe anything is possible.

"Our first of its kind partnership with Gorman was created under these very same trailblazing ideals.

“Gorman’s powerful presence and inspirational voice brings hope and confidence to the next generation of leaders. Together, we will create real and meaningful impact through literacy, voice, and self-expression,” she added.

ELC will contribute $3m to the inaugural Writing Change literacy initiative over the next three years, as it seeks to strengthen its commitment to girls’ education around the globe.

“I am honored to partner with The Estée Lauder Companies to activate change through literacy, and to represent a brand founded by such an inspiring and daring woman,” Gorman said.

“Mrs Estée Lauder shattered glass ceilings as a leader in business 75 years ago. Embracing this spirit, I am delighted that our partnership will help inspire women, girls, and all people around the world to do great things, to disrupt, to be confident, and to be future leaders in whatever path they take.”

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