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Government approves more inclusive standards for Hairdressing

Gaelle Walker
08 June 2021

The government has approved an updated set of new more inclusive National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hairdressing, which better reflect the needs of the UK’s changing and increasingly diverse community.

The development of the new NOS, which now includes a full range of hair types, textures and curl patterns, follows a consultation with the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) which worked closely with industry employers and leading experts on its creation.  

Commenting on the review of the standards, HABIA chair Joan Scott said: “Despite a very challenging year for the sector, we’re delighted the review of the national standards hasn’t been delayed.

“There was a a great deal of interest in the hair standards as it was important they should be inclusive of all hair types, including wavy, curly and coily.

“The hair standards have been updated by employers to ensure they reflect current technical developments and meet the needs of the UK’s diverse community.

“Special thanks go to all the employers who contributed their valuable time and knowledge to be involved in this important project, both as part of the expert working groups (EWG) and also all those that provided feedback during the consultation process”.

Helena Grzesk, chief operating officer of the British Beauty Council, which supported HABIA on the creation of the new NOS, added: “We worked closely with HABIA as it was paramount that hairdressing standards and qualifications reflected and represented the diverse range of hair types and textures of clients across the hair and beauty sector.

“At the British Beauty Council, we believe the hair and beauty industry can and should be truly inclusive. Our aim is to amplify and celebrate the voices of all the communities the industry serves to ensure each and every one of us feels seen, heard, valued and excited to engage with the beauty industry.

"We are delighted to hear that the new NOS for hair has been approved and we look forward to continuing our work with HABIA to champion change in the industry.”


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