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Holland & Barrett boosts menopause support with UK ingredient debut

Sophie Smith
06 October 2022

Holland & Barrett has launched a range of day and night menopause support supplements, bringing a new ingredient to the UK for the first time.

The Expert Peri & Menopause range is designed to alleviate symptoms including hot flushes, tiredness, trouble sleeping, night sweats, mood swings and problems with memory and concentration.

The retailer has brought together Indian, Chinese and Western herbal remedies to develop the "unique" formulations and help support menopausal symptoms.

New to the UK market, Genopause is a botanical blend of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guduchi and Guggulu. Known as adaptogenic herbs, the ingredients work to help the body adjust to physical, chemical and biological stress.

Alex Glover, Senior Nutritionist at Holland & Barrett, said: “There was an opportunity for us to provide one natural, efficacious solution that customers could take all the way through menopause.

"We have spent the last two years developing the most advanced blend of natural active ingredients to the UK market, scouring the globe for the very best and latest ingredients, clinically studied to help.”

Holland & Barrett

The news coincides with Holland & Barrett's new Pause & Listen Pledge with TV presenter Cherry Healey. For this, the retailer is encouraging people to support those experiencing the menopause.

Holland & Barrett has also opened a number of Menopause Pause & Listen rooms in its stores across the UK. These dedicated rooms offer a calming space to speak with a trained menopause adviser.

Fiona Sweny, Wellness Futures Science Lead at Holland & Barrett, said: “There has been real progress made in recent years to bring the menopause to the forefront of the conversation, thanks to the many high-profile women who have been openly speaking about their experiences in the media. However, while awareness has improved, there is still a big job to be done in helping women feel heard.

"We know everyone’s journey is different and while we won't pretend to know how an individual’s experience feels, we can promise to be there to listen, support, offer guidance and invite others to join us in this promise.”

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