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In-depth: Skin Bureaux, the launch of the first doctor-led CBD and CBG cosmeceutical skincare range

Kelle Salle
27 March 2023

Skin Bureaux is the brainchild of two award-winning skincare experts - Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward. Manning and Woodward are co-founders of River Aesthetics, a cosmetic clinic offering an award-winning range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation and body sculpting treatments.

Dr Manning is a highly skilled and experienced doctor in the medical aesthetics field with over 20 years of clinic expertise across both general practice and aesthetics. She is passionate about restoring patients' confidence and is driven by being a part of her patient’s journey back to themselves, alongside playing a big role in industry education and standards.

Dr Manning is also an expert trainer in PDO Threads and Vaginal Rejuvenation techniques. Striving for more regulation in the medical aesthetics field is something close to her heart. Manning was recently appointed to join the Specialist Advisory Board of CMAC (Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaboration), providing clinicians with guidance on complication management and outcomes.

Dr Woodward has over 25 years experience as an accredited medical aesthetics doctor and general practitioner. During her time as a GP, she discovered aesthetics and the rest was history. Woodward is well regarded for her innovative use of threads and fillers, often pioneering new techniques and utilising new technology. In addition to her clinic work, she trains hundreds of professionals annually at the River Aesthetics Academy and takes pride in setting the standards for best practice.

Woodward was one of the first doctors in the UK to perform a Breast Thread Lift, leading the way for advances in the use of sutures in aesthetics. She is passionate about safety and is a global advanced trainer for two of SInclair Pharma’s thread brands and is often called upon for involvement in pharmaceutical companies’ developmental stages.

Manning and Woodward launched Skin Bureaux earlier this month. The brand’s mission is to help people understand the true value of their skin and to treat it with the same importance as what lies beneath. They have used their years of experience to build a range of exceptionally effective, results driven, sustainable and multifaceted CBD and CBG infused skincare products which target inflammation and empower customers to make trusted skin care choices based on expertise, science and evidence.

Skin Bureaux

Skin Bureaux is the first doctor-led CBD and CBG cosmeceutical skincare range on the market. The brand’s ‘super-power’ is CBG, which is the plant precursor of CBD. The ingredient delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin health boosting activity incorporating probiotics. It also includes innovative plant stem cells, low molecular HA and proven natural ingredients like caffeine and green tea.

The CBD skincare market continues to go from strength to strength – it was valued at £1.1 billion in 2020 and by 2030, it’s estimated to be worth £7.2 billion. CBD has been globally recognised for its ability to help with pain relief, nausea, sleep and anxiety, securing its status as a ‘wonder-ingredient’ for its anti-inflammatory abilities.

All of Skin Bureaux’s products have been curated with both efficacy and innovation at the heart, breaking new scientific ground and challenging the status quo in the world of cosmeceutical skincare. The brand is targeting consumers who are seeking a low maintenance yet effective regime that delivers impactful results and benefits that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing skincare routines.

By representing a new evolution in skincare using both CBD and CBG, Skin Bureaux are infusing science and nature with luxury and innovative formulas that influence the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin.

"We understand what men and women need from their skincare and are dedicated to tackling and targeting the concept of ‘inflammaging’ – a modern day skin concern where inflammation of many varieties due to lifestyle or environmental factors can have a direct impact on skin health and vitality. Modern life takes its toll on skin, often reflecting the stress, tech-based lifestyle, pollution and dietary factors it's exposed to, causing skin to look lacklustre," Woodward says.

"Chronic oxidative stress can cause accelerated tissue damage, weakening skin structure and leading to the breakdown of elastin and collagen, ultimately impairing the skin’s barrier function. This contributes to the development of many unwanted dermatologic symptoms; wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and textural changes.

"Skin Bureaux is the culmination of 20 years' experience working with patients, offering solutions to unmet skincare needs. Underpinned by a sustainable approach without compromising on results, our aim is to tackle signs of inflammation with both a pre-emptive and corrective approach,” Manning adds.

Skin Bureaux

Skin Bureaux’s capsule collection comprises five hardworking formulas that can be applied in minimal steps. Consumers can expect hydrating body creams containing collagen and elastin-boosting retinol and tightening eye creams that hydrate skin and protect it against the effects of blue light.

The Super Defence Day Serum is one of the first antioxidant serums in the UK to contain both CBD and CBG. The serum works to combat modern pollution and its effects on inflammatory triggers and the signs of ageing. The powerful formula helps remove free radicals, bring balance and restore blood flow whilst protecting from collagen and elastin loss for a healthier, more youthful glow.

The Rescue & Relieve Probiotic Anti-inflammatory Moisturiser improves skin tone, soothes irritation and reduces redness. The formula contains probiotics and adaptogens which help combat the signs of environmental pollutants and restore skin health.

The Bright & Tight Eye Cream has been curated with a potent combination of science and nature-derived ingredients to help reduce inflammation, hydrate, brighten, lift and reduce dark circles. It visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and stabilises collagen and elastin while restoring the skin’s microbiome.

The Youth Boosting Body Souffle is a luxurious, light, deeply hydrating body souffle that gently stimulates, revives and firms whilst calming and nourishing the body. The souffle contains natural esters that work alongside key skincare ingredients to fight free radicals and brighten for improved skin health. It also provides all-day hydrating while protecting against inflammation, environmental stressors, blue light damage and blemishes.

The Rest & Reset Night Cream is a calming and restorative luxury night cream that repairs, detoxes and cleanses the skin as you sleep. It also improves elasticity and enhances the synthesis of elastin and collagen, fighting photo-ageing and free radical damage.

All products are available from the Skin Bureaux website. Prices start from £118.

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