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Lottie London and I Am Proud join first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week

Chloe Burney
14 June 2023

Gen Z favourite co-owned brands Lottie London and I Am Proud have announced their partnership with Metaverse Beauty Week, joining the first annual beauty festival from 12-17 June.

Lottie London and I Am Proud’s move into the Metaverse recognises its ability to engage a Gen Z and Millenial audience, so it was a natural fit for the TikTok viral brands. These immersive experiences help businesses tell their brand stories and engage consumers in a way that transcends the limits of physical locations or time zones.

Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Lottie London and I Am Proud, commented: "We are excited to be taking part in the first Metaverse Beauty Week with Lottie London and I Am Proud, we have repeatedly been pioneers of digital developments within the beauty category for many years, notably in 2021 with a NFT collection celebrating Ciaté London’s collaboration with Christine Quinn and entering the metaverse Lottie London in 2022."

Lottie London will be hosting a virtual gaming world on Roblox that highlights its TikTok viral products. These include the Stamp Liner Wing Edition, Superfake Mascara, Freckle Tint and Diamond Bounce. Similar to a treasure hunt, attendees can collect tokens and redeem them for real-life prizes.

This is the third time Lottie London has gamified its business. The first was when it launched the Lottie London x Chaun Legend Stay Press’d Press On Nails in Decentraland. This was followed by hosting the Metaverse’s first prom party.

I Am Proud will also be hosting an interactive experience, which will be held across Spatial and Decentraland. Here, visitors can collect exclusive wearables inspired by Skin Proud, Hair Proud and Body Proud’s best-selling products. Some of these include the Serious Shade Lightweight Hydrating SPF 50+ Skin Serum and Sleep Hero Overnight Recovery Body Mask.

Cat Turner, Co-Founder of Cult and Metaverse Beauty Week, added: "Championing independent brands, alongside bigger players and digital creators was big goal for us with MBW, there we’ve been thrilled that both Lottie London and I Am Proud are partnering with us on the first Metaverse Beauty Week. Activating their gamified concepts across Roblox, Spatial and Decentraland to excite and engage consumers, complementing their existing high level of engagement across Web2.

"The Metaverse Beauty Week will be a space where the brands can engage consumers to explore and redefine the future of beauty in their digital lives and really immerse themselves in the space."

Read's interview with the Co-founders of Metaverse Beauty Week, Bridey Lipscombe and Cat Turner, here.

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