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Microbiome skincare brand Gallinée introduces anti-waste operation

Camilla Rydzek
11 January 2022

French skincare brand Gallinée has launched an anti-waste operation in the UK, France and USA to reduce the number of beauty products that are discarded as they approach their expiration date.

The brand, which was founded in 2014 by Dr. Marie Drago and focuses on creating products that support a healthy microbiome, has introduced a discounting system that allows customers to add a code to the purchase of specific products with an expiration date approaching.

Products will be discounted by up to 70%, hoping to ensure that items that are "still perfectly safe to use for many months" are not discarded unnecessarily.

In the UK market specifically five products are currently offered at a discount, all expiring between May and August 2022, including the brand's hair Care Mask, Scalp & Hair Serum, Face Mask, Eye Cream and Skin & Microbiome supplement.

Gallinée's inaugural anti-waste operation discount launched on Boxing Day last year, the 26 December and will continue until the end of January. A second discount offer is expected to start in April.

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