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6 & 14 OCT: ONLINE C-SUITE TEACH-IN: Pivoting to digital to ensure success

Antony Hawman
01 September 2020

Join our intimate online C-suite Teach-in


In the current trading environment, pivoting to digital is imperative.

Consumers across the board have been forced to shop online due to lockdown and, in many cases, are continuing to favour the digital channel despite the reopening of physical retail. The effect on the market has been transformative and brands & retailers must respond quickly in order to capitalise on this shift in behaviour and ensure their future success.

This online workshop has been designed to equip you to:

  • ask the right questions of your marketing team
  • link marketing performance directly to business results
  • redesign your board pack to drive better outcomes
  • develop an accurate multi-year growth forecast
  • understand what to measure and what to ignore
  • better structure and support your marketing organisation


We have 2 sessions available: 6th & 14th October, 9.30am - 12.30pm

  • The post-Covid consumer, by Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief,
  • "C-suite Teach-in" with Kevin McSpadden, Founder & CEO, More2
  • Audience Q&A 

CRITERIA TO ATTEND THIS EVENT: You must be a CEO, Founder or CFO or hold similar responsibilities within your organisation, from businesses with an annual online revenue of £2m+


Business leaders who have already attended said:

"Great advice on how to optimise your marketing investment... cut through the vast amount of data we all have to focus on the right numbers and ask the right questions of yourself and your team.’ Chief Trading Officer, Boden

“In a time when we have more data than we know what to do with, an ever-growing channel mix and a plethora of ways to try and measure performance, More2’s Teach-In does a brilliant job of cutting through the complexity and getting to what really matters most. An invaluable way to spend 3 hours, resulting in a clear framework for marketing spend decision making and a common language connecting marketing to the board.”  CMO, Seasalt

“Many thanks to Kevin for a thought-provoking and insightful Teach-In. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to understand more about the complex world of performance marketing. The learnings will definitely help me ask the right questions of our e-Commerce team and reassess how we measure success.”  Chief Operating Officer, Dune

“The best 3-hour teach-in that I have had... rich in insights and actionable content” Former CEO, Hobbs

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About our partner: more2 is an independent agency serving retail and eCommerce businesses. more2 helps companies grow by leveraging their biggest asset – their customer data.

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