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Royal Mail staff accept deal to end dispute over pay and conditions
12 July 2023

Royal Mail workers have voted overwhelmingly to accept a deal to end a long-running dispute over pay, jobs and conditions.

Members of the Communication Workers Union backed the agreement by 75%.

The union said the vote signals the end of the dispute, which saw more than 115,000 workers take 18 days of strike action in the final quarter of last year.

Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary, said: “This has been the most challenging period in both the history of the union and the company, and I want to thank every single member that has voted in this ballot.

“Our members will know it doesn’t end with today’s result – we all know what is going on in workplaces across the UK and we are going to deal with it.

“Many workers simply do not trust Royal Mail Group because of the company’s lack of integrity and the way they are being treated.

“Some wanted more from an agreement. Others find the prospect of changes such as later finishes unpalatable.

“Our job in the coming weeks and months is to make sure their voices continue to be heard.

“Far from being an endorsement of the actions of Royal Mail Group, this result will be the start of the union reconnecting in every workplace.”

A company spokesperson said: “The agreement provides Royal Mail a platform for the next phase of stabilising the business whilst continuing to drive efficiencies and change.

“The operational changes in the agreement are designed to be good for customers, increasing our ability to improve services and quality; good for employees, retaining job security and giving people a pay rise; good for the environment, reducing the company’s reliance on domestic air, further reducing carbon emissions; and good for shareholders, supporting the long-term sustainability of the business.

“The three-year pay deal agreed provides certainty for employees and ensures Royal Mail remains the industry leader on pay, terms and conditions.”

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