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YSL Beauty embarks on social media reset with focus on Gen Z

Sophie Smith
23 February 2024

YSL Beauty has launched a complete refresh of its social media channels to better connect with younger audiences.

After 10 years on social media, the luxury beauty brand has amassed 11.3 million followers on Instagram alone and represents an active member of the platform's community.

YSL Beauty

However, in anticipation of the new refreshed look, the YSL Beauty Instagram had a temporary blackout, with all previous posts removed before today's teaser.

"Social media is a playful ground where one can challenge and reinvent the rules," reads a statement from YSL Beauty.

"The social media blackout, usually done by celebrities, represents one of the first in the luxury beauty world. It started speculation on what the brand would be doing next."


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Entering a new era, YSL Beauty's ambition is to become a forerunner in the way it engages with its communities, including Gen Z, by "creating native content and disruptive ways to connect with audiences while igniting virality and stunts".

Jordan Radi, Global Director of Consumer Engagement for YSL Beauty, said: "This move is signatory of YSL Beauty entering a new chapter.

"By refreshing social channels, we not only create excitement, but we enter into the modern world of social media speaking to younger audiences in a captivating way. It’s a whole new level of intimacy and proximity with our audience; and it’s a promise we intend to keep."

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