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Beiersdorf launches first climate-neutralised Nivea skincare products

Gaelle Walker
26 April 2021

Beiersdorf has hit a new sustainability milestone with the launch of its first ever range of “climate-neutralised” products across the Nivea Naturally Good face care range.

The development, which will be brought to market in 30 countries, with more products to follow, follows the launch of new sustainable packaging innovation featuring certified renewable plastic.

Jars and lids across the 8-strong Nivea Naturally Good face care range are now manufactured using renewable plastic made from tall oil (a by-product of the forestry industry) instead of fossil-based virgin plastic.

Approximately 76 g of CO2e are saved per jar produced - a reduction of around 60% compared to fossil-based jars.

The development provided the springboard for carbon offsetting, with any remaining emissions to be climate-neutralised through afforestation projects, Beiersdorf said.

In addition to the packaging of the Nivea Naturally Good range, formulas are also sustainable, consisting of 99% natural and vegan ingredients and free of microplastics.

The range is also produced using 100% energy from renewable sources.

The Nivea Naturally Good face care range will be clearly recognizable as ‘climate-neutralised’ on pack and on shelf.

Further ‘climate-neutralised’ products will be launched over the coming months, including a re-launch of the 30-strong Nivea Shower Gel range in Germany.

Beiersdorf vice president of corporate sustainability Jean-Francois Pascal said: "This step is an important milestone for us.e

“It boosts our climate action with new climate protection measures, such as our support for afforestation to offset emissions, and it offers our consumers an increased transparency as to how sustainable our products are.

“They will be able to identify much easier now our most sustainable product offer in store.”


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