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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley steps down from Rose Inc after it was sold at auction

Chloe Burney
07 May 2024

British model and entrepreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has announced that she is stepping down from Rose Inc, the beauty brand she founded six years ago in 2018. 

Taking to Instagram last week, Huntington-Whiteley posted a note that read: "In 2018, I founded Rose Inc with a vision to foster a beauty community and create exceptional products in line with my values and beliefs. However, due to significant changes within the business, I’ve made the considered decision to step down from the brand."

Friends, family and celebrities alike clamoured into the comments section to share their support for Huntington-Whiteley and her decision to step down from the brand.

The model went on to add that after the brand's joint venture partner, Amyris Inc, declared bankruptcy last August, it was sold "to the highest bidder at auction".

Amyris filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a strategy to offload its consumer brands to help position the company for long-term success. In December 2023, Rose Inc was purchased by asset management firm AA Investments for $2.5 million.

In the same month, the company sold a number of its other consumer beauty brands to the highest bidders at auction, including clean skincare brand Biossance to THG for $20 million. Meno Labs, 4U and Pipette were also sold to Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Scent Theory Product and HRB Brands, respectively.

Moving forward, Huntington-Whitelety, 37 years old, vowed to "pursue new ventures" and is no longer involved with Rose Inc's operations, products or promotional activities.


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