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Soapsmith goes home to Hackney with Montcalm East Hotel collaboration

Chloe Burney
29 January 2024

Soapsmith, the crafter of luxury handmade soaps, bath soaks and lotions and more, has launched a partnership with luxury five-star hotel Montcalm East, Autograph Collection. In celebration of their shared East London heritage, the hotel will host the brand's Hackney scent.

The scent is an herbaceous blend of bergamot, sandalwood, rosemary, and geranium. It decks the hotel's hallowed halls in the form of hand washes and lotions, as well as shampoo and conditioner in the guest rooms.

The cosmetics line started in 2010 at founder Sam Jameson’s home in Hackney. Back then, Jameson set out on a mission to reignite the almost lost craftsmanship and manufacturing industry in the UK capital, turning her kitchen table hobby of artisanal soap making and scent creation into a viable business with featured stockists including Harrods and Selfridges.

Now, Soapsmith makes a full-circle return to East London at the Montcalm East Hotel. The company offers a luxury range of handmade soaps, bath soaks, hand and body washes, and lotions in nine distinctive scents.

The partnership was born out of "a shared passion for craftsmanship and creativity". Jameson added: "I believe scent is the most powerful way to inspire, immerse, and create lasting memories.

"Fragrances remind us of places, people, times and milestones in our lives. Now, with this exciting partnership with Montcalm East Hotel, Soapsmith will become part of the guest travel experience too! Our products deliver so much more than clean hands, soft skin and relaxed muscles (although they do all those things too!). They deliver immersive, sensory experiences in every use."

Ingrid Moreni, Hotel Manager, added: "Soapsmith represents so much of what Montcalm East is about with its focus on creativity and craftsmanship, and we’re so excited to be showcasing this unique brand and offering Sam’s beautiful products to our guests and visitors alike."

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